Event Date & Time:  Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018 at 7:15am.

Event Location:  Knights of Columbus Hall, 204 S. Commercial Ave. St. Clair, MO  63077  (Click on the address to open the the location in Google Maps.)

Age Categories: 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

Event Description: Separate single and double deck events will be held.

Single Deck: A single pinochle deck will be used and 100 is the opening bid.  If no one bids, the dealer must take it for 100.

Double Deck: A double pinochle deck will be used and 300 is the opening bid.  If no one bids, the dealer must take it for 300 additional points. Rules and scoring rules available at playing sites.

NOTE:  Any changes will be announced the day of the event.  Any circumstances not covered by the following rules will be ruled upon by the event coordinator.

Event Rules:

  • Each person playing will receive a number.  The name of that person and number must be written on the game card.
  • The game card is to be carried with the person at all times.
  • Each person will play four hands of double deck pinochle per table.
  • Each player will play at four different tables in clockwise movement for a total of 16 hands and four table games.
  • Single deck will play at six different tables for a total of 24 hands.
  • You must rotate partners after each game. Never use the same person for a partner.
  • Partners with smallest total score for game will remain seated.
  • Table numbers must be written on the card for each game.
  • Total score must be written on each card.
  • In case of a tie after four games, one hand will be played to determine the winner.
  • Each pair should count their card intake and scoring shall be kept by each pair.
  • If a person making trump is set, they lose their meld and the amount of bid is added to opponent’s score. They receive nothing in cards.
  • The same thing happens in the case of renege.  A renege loses meld and cards but opponents don’t get your bid.  A renege is called after the next trick is played following the renege.  Cards should be stacked in order to check back for renege.
  • Person making trump must lead a trump on first trick.  If no tricks are taken, player loses meld.  Same as a set even if they have their bid in meld.

Directions to Event:  Take Interstate 44 to the St. Clair/Hwy 47 exit (Exit #240).  Go South on Hwy 47 for approx. 0.5 mile to Commercial St.  Turn right onto Commercial Ave.  Continue on Commercial Ave. for approx. 0.9 mile to the KC Hall on the left.