Event Date & Time:  Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 at 9:15am.

Event Location:  Jaycee Pavilion at Union Fairgrounds, 611 Jaycee Drive, Union, MO 63084.  (Click on the address to open the location in Google Maps.)

Age Categories: 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

Divisions:  Men and Women “Singles” Divisions

Equipment for Event:  Horseshoes will be provided for this event.  (You will not be allowed to bring your own shoes.)

NOTE:  Any changes will be announced the day of the event.  Any circumstances not covered by the following rules will be ruled upon by the event coordinator.

Event Rules:  The pitching distance for men is 40 feet between the bottoms of the stakes where they merge from the ground with a foul line three feet in front of each stake.  Pitching distance for women is 30 feet between stakes.  To determine who pitches first, the players will toss a coin or flip a shoe.  The winner decides who pitches first.

Singles:  Each player has two shoes and uses the same pitcher’s box. Players pitch both shoes in turn at the opposite stake to complete an inning.  They walk to that stake, tally the score, and pitch back toward the first stake.

Pitching:  The pitcher must stand on one of the pitching platforms.  The pitcher’s foot may be on the foul line but cannot go completely over.  His opponent must remain on the opposite side of the stake, in the rear quarter of the other pitching platform, or behind the pitching box.  He must not talk, move, or in any other way distract the pitcher.  Such an offense incurs a loss of score in that inning.  No player may walk to the opposite stake or be informed of the position of the shoes before an inning is complete.  Once thrown, shoes may not be moved, or touched until the scores have been decided.  Such an offense incurs a loss of score in that inning.

Scoring:  In order to score shoes must be within the width of a regulation shoe to the stake.  A shoe that first strikes the ground outside the target area cannot be scored nor can any shoe be thrown from an invalid position.  Such shoes must be removed from the pitching box on the request of the opponent.  A shoe landing in the area and breaking is not scored; it is removed and another pitch is taken.  A “ringer” is a shoe that encircles the stake so that a straight edge could touch the two prongs.

Contest:  Process of elimination.  Any ties will be pitched off.

Directions  to Event:  From Interstate 44 take the Exit #247 for Hwy. 50 West/Union, MO.  Take Hwy. 50 West for approx. 5.3 miles to Church Street.   Turn right onto Church Street and go 0.5 miles to Park Ave.  Turn left onto Park Ave.  Travel on Park Ave. for approx. 0.5 miles to Memorial Parkway.  Turn left onto Memorial Parkway.  Cross over a bridge and turn left onto Park Drive at the entrance to the Union Fairgrounds.