***** 2017 *****

BB Gun Shoot with Father and son…Ed Stephens ( has been coming for about 25 years and comes from Texas) and Rich Stephens (1st year from St Louis area). Fun times!
BB Gun shoot with Janet “Killer Koebel” taking aim.
Anne Konieczny getting instructions.
Bob Eade getting ready!
“Bullseye Bob” Eade taking a shot!!!
Women’s 50-54: Gold, Anne Konieczny
Les Gardner with Women’s 55-59: Gold: Dee Coppeans
Women’s 65-69: Silver: Janet Koebel (L), Gold: Denise Walkenhorst (R)
Women’s 75-79: Silver: Judy Heath (L) & Gold: Kathy Quinn (R)
Men’s 60-64: Gold: Chuck Watson (Gold for ‘Wild Watson’)
Men’s 65-69: Silver: Michael Brust (L) & Gold: Dominick Rivara (R)
Men’s 70-74: Silver: Les Gardner (L) & Gold: Ted Beck (R)
Men’s 75-79: Gold: Michael Cullinane
Men’s 90+: Gold: Ed Stephens