Event Date & Time:  Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 at 7:45am.

Event Location:  Jaycee Pavilion at Union Fairgrounds, 611 Jaycee Drive, Union, MO 63084.  (Click on the address to open the location in Google Maps.)

Age Categories:  50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

Equipment for Event:  All equipment for this event will be provided at the event.

Event Description:  The object of the game is to roll the Bocce ball closer to the pallino (or Jack) ball than your opponent.  Games are single elimination except in the medal round and when a round robin format is used due to the number of participants.  The winner is the first player to score 8 points.  In the medal round, the winner is the first player to score 11 points.

NOTE:  Any changes will be announced the day of the event.  Any circumstances not covered by the following rules will be ruled upon by the event coordinator.

Event Rules:  The basic rules of Bocce are:

  1. A flip of a coin determines which player plays first.
  2. The winner of the coin flip rolls or tosses the pallino, from behind the foul line, to put it in play.  A player can toss the pallina any distance as long as it passes the mid-field line of the court and stays within the boundaries of the court.  If the pallino hits the back wall or sideline, it is considered dead and the opponent will throw the pallino to put it in play.  If the second player fails to toss the pallina into play, the toss reverts to the first player.
  3. All balls must be tossed from behind the foul line.  All balls must be tossed, rolled, or bounced underhanded.  Overhand tossing, rolling, or bouncing is not permitted.  Anytime a player is tossing a Bocce ball, safety and courtesy must be observed.  All players must remain outside the Bocce court and preferably behind the tosser.
  4. The player tossing the pallino must deliver the first Bocce ball.  If the Bocce ball lands outside of the boundaries of the court, that team must roll again until the first ball is put into play.  Otherwise, that player steps aside and the opposing team will then deliver their Bocce ball or balls until one of their Bocce balls is closer to the pallina or has thrown all their balls.  The “nearest ball” rule governs the sequence of thrown balls.  The side whose ball is closest to the pallina is called the “in” ball and the opposing side the “out” ball.  Whenever a person gets “in”, they steps aside and allows the “out” person deliver.  The other person throws until they gets their Bocce ball closer (not ties) to the pallina.  This continues until both players have thrown all their Bocce balls. After both players have exhausted all their balls, a frame is over and points are awarded.
  5. Players can use their Bocce ball to knock their opponents Bocce ball away from the pallino at any time during a frame.  All Bocce balls must remain in bounds at all times.  Any ball that hits the back wall or sideline is dead and is removed from the court.  If the pallino is knocked into the back wall by a ball, it stays where it lays.  If it goes out on the sideline, it will be placed where it left the court.
  6. Only one player can score in each frame.  One point is awarded for each Bocce ball that is closer to the pallino than closest Bocce ball of the opposing player.  For example: The first player has two of their Bocce balls closer to the pallino that the second player, the first player is awarded two points and the second player gets zero points for that frame.  There are a maximum of 4 points per frame.  At the end of a frame, if the closest balls of each player are equal distance from the pallino, no points are awarded.

Click on this link to download a copy of the “Bocce Ball Game Rules“.

Directions  to Event:  From Interstate 44 take the Exit #247 for Hwy. 50 West/Union, MO.  Take Hwy. 50 West for approx. 5.3 miles to Church Street.   Turn right onto Church Street and go 0.5 miles to Park Ave.  Turn left onto Park Ave.  Travel on Park Ave. for approx. 0.5 miles to Memorial Parkway.  Turn left onto Memorial Parkway.  Cross over a bridge and turn left onto Park Drive at the entrance to the Union Fairgrounds.