The Franklin County Silver Games are cancelled for 2020 due to Coronavirus. We are planning to have the games again in 2021.

The Franklin County Silver Games is a volunteer and donation operated organization.  We would not be able to do the things we do, or offer the events, food, t-shirt, participant bags, etc. without the generous people and businesses who are listed throughout our event booklet and under our Sponsors tab.  Please help us thank them by patronizing them whenever possible.  They are our financial support!!!

Also a BIG Thank-You to all of our volunteers who have worked so hard to put the events together, the sponsors who donated money or items, and to the participants who help make the games a success year after year!!!

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WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE GAMES?  The games are an annual Olympic-style sports festival that provide seniors (50+ years old) with an excellent opportunity to compete in their favorite sports.  The games promote social, competitive, athletic, and recreational activities for older adults.  They promote and create an interest in lifetime sports, recreation, and physical exercise as a means of enhancing one’s quality of life.  They create an awareness of the abilities and capabilities of older citizens.  This is a countywide event for participants, families and friends.  Whether you compete, support the participants, or just watch, you are invited to be part of the Franklin County Silver Games.

PARTICIPANT ELIGIBILITY:   The Franklin County Silver Games are open to all seniors, regardless of county or state of residency.  Any person who will be 50 years or older on or before the opening day of the Silver Games, is eligible to participate.  For “Team Events”, ALL members must be eligible participants within their age bracket.

AWARDS: Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic style medallions will be presented to the top three finishers in all events.  A luncheon is also held on the last day as a social gathering for all participants to recognize all of the athletes.

EVENT REGISTRATION:  The Franklin County Silver Games registration form must be completed in its entirety.  See the Registration Form (under the tab “forms“) for any registration fees, additional event fees, and any late fees for registrations after the due date.  We DO NOT accept any registrations postmarked after the due date listed on the form.  (We go by postmark dates.)  An additional fee for some events may be required as indicated on the registration form.  There will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.  All registration/entry fees are non-refundable.  All entrants will be notified by mail of the time and location of each event.  Rules are available here on the website and the most up-to-date rules will be available at the event sites.  The “WAIVER OF LIABILITY” on the Registration Form MUST BE SIGNED in order to participate!

EVENT CHANGES:  Please note that Cycling, Power Volleyball, Shuffleboard, and Sporting Clays have been dropped for this year. But you should also note that Table Tennis and Archery have been added for this year.

EQUIPMENT:  All athletes will be expected to furnish all personal equipment.  (Such as running shoes, bicycles, rackets, golf clubs, and golf balls.)  Bowling balls and shoes will be available at no charge.  Refer to the Events page for more information regarding what will be provided at each event.

EVENT SCHEDULING CONFLICTS:  The athletes must make choices between which events they want to participate in when they have events that coincide.  No event will be delayed due to scheduling conflicts.  You must be on time for your events.  No substitutions.

PARTICIPANT BAGS:  Participant bags will be at your first event.  If you are unable to attend your first event, your bag will be at your next subsequent event.

WEATHER:  In the event of inclement weather or unusual circumstances, games officials reserve the right to delay, postpone or cancel any event.  Listen to radio stations KLPW (1220 AM), KWRE (730 AM), or KFAV (99.9 FM) for event cancellations.


For More Information:  You can email us at